Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for coming to check out my new liquid lip line. I have worked hard with Aniise to construct colors that I love and feel represent me. What I love about these mattes is that you can wear them out every day casually, and also out for a special occasion to spice up a chic outfit. Each color is inspired by a different member of my family, and I feel like each individual shade really represents them uniquely. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

The Aniise by Mercedes Javid liquid lips provide full coverage that lasts for hours. They glide on effortlessly and keep your lips soft and hydrated. They are cruelty-free and made from high quality natural ingredients in United States. The formulation contains approximately 35% color, therefore, when applied, not only they are true to color, they also last longer.  The wand is created so that the liquid lipstick will be applied with utmost precision to eliminate the need for lip liner. They are non-transferrable and kiss proof. It was made with care to match any skin color and tone. Any woman at any age will be able to enjoy this collection that was made with love.